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to his confidence. So he made haste to impart the news to his patient. Essentially a coarse-minded man, he was not withheld, as many would have been, by a feeling of pity or consideration, but imparted it abruptly. "I've got bad news for you, Mrs. Kenyon,

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" he said, entering the room where she was confine

d. "What is it?" she asked quickly. "Your son Oliver is dead!" She uttered one cry of deep suffering, then fixed her eyes upon the doctor's face. "You say this to torment me," she said. "It is not true." "On my honor, it is true," he answered; and he be

lieved what he said. "When did you

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learn it? Tell me all you know, in Heaven's name!

Would you drive me mad?" Dr. Fox shrugged his shoulders. "I only got the letter this morning," he said. "It was from Mr. Kenyon." "May I see the letter?" Reflecting that it contained nothing of a private nature, Dr. Fox consented, and put the letter into h

er hands. It carried conviction to the

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grief-stricken woman. "I have nothing to live

for now," she said mournfully. "My poor Oliver! So young to die!" "Who's dead?" enquired Cleopatra, advancing to where they stood. "My boy Oliver." "Is that all? I thought it might be Mark Antony. Dr. Fox, have you received a letter from Antony lately?" "N

o, your Majesty. If I had I would imme

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    diately have informed you." The effect of this news was, for a time, to plunge Mrs. Kenyon into a fit of despondency. Freedom no longer had for her the old attractions. What w

    as life to her now that her boy was dead? Mr. Kenyon heard with pleasure of the effect produced by his cruel message. "Why

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    don't she die, or grow mad?" he said to himself. "I shall never feel safe while she is still alive. What would the world say if it should discover that my wife is not dead, but

    confined in a mad-house?" Still, he felt moderately secure. All his plans thus far had succeeded. He had won the hand of a

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    wealthy widow, he had put her out of the way; he had cast off her son, appropriated her property, and there seemed to lie before him years of luxury and self-indulgence. In th

    e midst of this pleasant day-dream there came a rude awakening. One day, as he was sitting in dressing-gown and slippers, c

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